Computer Science and Engineering

Inplementation of Mackey-Glass chaotic generator with Arduino Mega 2560 demoboard

p. 20

Sasha Porozova
Roman Volianskyi

On solutions properties of continuous linear problems of optimal multiplex-partitioning of sets without constraints

p. 22

Antonina Cherevatenko

Computer modeling and automation of process of cleaning liquids from ferromagnetic impurities

p. 26

Serhiy Koval
Andrii Safonyk

Gamma-Induced Changes in Optical Transmission of As-S Semiconductor Glasses

p. 30

Dmytro Teslyuk
Mykhaylo Shpotyuk
Andriy Kovalenko
Ulyana Yakhnevych

Modified Multiplying Matrix for Galois field GF(2m) Multiplier Structural Complexity Evaluation

p. 32

Aleksandra Hlukhova

Development of Manipulation Detecting Algorithm as a Constituent of the Internet Community Management System

p. 34

Zoriana Holub

Knowledge-based situational awareness systems

p. 38

Eugene Burov
Khrystyna Mykich

The Optimization of Databases Distribution in a Distributed Computer Networks

p. 42

Roman Krasniuk

One Approach for Computing Simple Polygons on a Given Point Set in the Plain

p. 44

Andriy Fisunenko

Blood Cells classification by Image color and intensity features clustering

p. 46

R. A. Melnyk
A.O. Dubytskyi

Geoinformation technologies for tourist’s travel support

p. 50

Olga Artemenko
Igor Popyk

Intelligent control systems of electrical complexes in biotechnological objects

p. 52

Alla Dudnyk
Vitaliy Lysenko

Automatization design of the user interface based on the knowledge that describes ontology

p. 54

Iryna Zavuschak
Eugene Burov

Image Structure Evaluation by Statistical Intensity Features

p. 56

Roman Melnyk
Iryna Boyko

Valid formation of scientific schools

p. 58

Iryna Zheliznyak

Program Loading and Execution in Self-Configurable Computer Systems using the Conventional Operating System Loader

p. 60

Viktor Melnyk
Andriy Kit

The Use of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for the Problem of Optimal Route Search

p. 62

Zoriana Rybchak
Vasyl Lytvyn
Natalia Kunanets

Galois Field Operational unit For Elliptic Curve Cryptography Digital Signature

p. 66

Mohammed Kadhim Rahma

Neural Network Technology for Image Downscaling

p. 72

Roman Tytyk
Roman Tkachenko
Ivan Izonin
Kateryna Hrytsyk

Research and development of methods to select the optimal location of vehicles on the parking lot

p. 74

Rostyslav Kryvyy
Oleh Kovaliuk

Effectiveness evaluation of modified block ciphers using standardized NIST statistical tests

p. 76

Anatoliy Ihnatovych

Development of a statistically reliable pseudorandom bit sequence

p. 80

Maria Mandrona
Yuriy Kostiv
Volodymyr Maksymovych
Oleh Harasymchuk

Implementing Social Knowledge Environments for NGOs

p. 82

Oleksandr Berezko

Automation of prototyping the pattern tests from an electronic compendium of lecture

p. 84

О. Basalkevych
О. Markelov

Features of multiplication execution of operations in binary and ternary Galois fields

p. 88

Andrii Kostyk
Valerii Hlukhov
Ivan Zholubak

Design of an intelligence information system of airport services automation

p. 90

Taras Basyuk
Zoriana Rybchak
Geodesy, Architecture and Construction

DTM modelling of open pit mines using unmanned aerial vehicles

p. 96

Jaroslaw Wajs

3D seismic velocity models distribution for complete complex of processing and interpretation of seismic data in Dnieper-Donets Basin

p. 100

V. Petruniak
I. Ustenko

Research of electromagnetic radiation influence of power lines on satellite signals distribution

p. 102

Antonina Zademlenyuk
Vitaliy Lysak

Study of Vertical Movements of the European Crust Using Tide Gauge and GNSS Observations

p. 104

Solomiya Dosyn
Kornyliy Tretyak

Development of countryside by the building of agrarian socio-eco-comlexes

p. 106

Maryna Babenko
Mykola Savytskyi

Bearing capacity of steel plate anchor in cellular concrete block masonry. Research aims, programme and methodology

p. 110

Volodymyr Verba
Olovets Oleh

The Potential of Port Buildings and Structures for Further Renovation under Cultural - Community Centers

p. 112

Ganna Gormakh
Eksareva N. M.

Сonformity of energy efficiency measures in Ukraine with European requirements

p. 114

Olga Ozhyshchenko

Efficiency evaluation of stress-strain state calculation method for optimal designing of reconstruction and reinforcement of steel structures

p. 118

Sviatoslav Peleshko
Ivan Peleshko
Igor Baluk

Experimental studies of combined heat supply system in the flow mode during the summer period for Lviv

p. 120

Bohdan Gulay
Stepan Shapoval
Ostap Pona

The potential of solar energy in Ukraine

p. 122

Stepan Shapoval

The efficiency of the combined solar collector in the gravity mode in the southern orientation

p. 124

Stepan Shapoval
Iryna Vengryn

Research methods of ski resorts’ visual perception

p. 126

Yaryna Onufriv

The formation of a barrier-free environment in the historical apartment buildings in Lviv

p. 128

Оksana Pekarchuk

Optical illusion: Apogee Development

p. 130

Elena Chernyсhuk
Viktoriya Bazylevych

A History of Public Art

p. 134

Alla Kyselyova

Methods of formation the experimental spaces

p. 136

Nataliya Savchenko-Pichugina

Тhe memory of the city

p. 138

Yaryna Yuryk

Shear strength of RC beams strengthened by FRCM system

p. 140

Pavlo Vegera
Roman Khmil
Zinoviy Blikharskiy

Basic principles of low-rise residential floating buildings design

p. 142

Svitlana Shekhorkina
Electric Power Engineering and Control Systems

The Detection of Winding Short Circuits in Single-Phase Double-Winding Transformers

p. 148

Bohdan Dmytryk
Oleksandr Ravlyk

Definition of Equivalent Roughness of Internal Surface of a Measuring Pipeline

p. 152

Bohdan Chaban
Leonid Lesovoy

Searching for Optimal Control Parameters of Thermal Object Using Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Control with Predictive Filter

p. 154

Oleg Yevseienko
Anatoliy Gapon
Dmytro Salnikov

Analysis of Robust Stability of Electromechanical Systems, Described by Fractional Order Transfer Function

p. 156

Bohdan Kopchak

The Influence of «Cross-Subvention» on Economic Efficiency of Thermal Insulation of Buildings

p. 158

Olya Voznyakovska
Andriy Muzychak

Definition Factors Cubic Approximating Polynomial for Locking Characteristics of Steel Pipelines

p. 160

Andriy Muzychak
Roman Pasternak

Switched Reluctance Motor for City Electro-Car Drive

p. 162

Ihor Bilyakovskyy
Lidiya Kasha

Ferroresonant Processes in 10 kV Power Grids and There Control

p. 164

Kateryna Hyrska

Development of Analyzer for Paper Stock Concentration Measurement

p. 168

Oleksandr Romaniuk
Bohdan Kril

Impact of the Operating Mode of Neutral in 35 kV Power Grids on the Arc Overvoltages and Voltage Teasuring Transformers

p. 170

Andriy Yatseyko
Volodimir Andrushko

Development and Research of Bulk Material Moisture Meter

p. 174

Roman Greh
Oleksandr Kril

Renewable Energy Sources in Hot Water Supply System

p. 176

Marta Kuznetsova
Myroslav Maliovanyy

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Study of Impulse Lines of Flowmeters

p. 178

Khrystyna Stefurak
Roman Fedoryshyn
Fedir Matiko
Ihor Kostyk

Features of the Boiler (Centralized Heat Supply) During the Heating Season and Hot Water Supply

p. 180

Marta Martynyak

Mathematical Model for Investigation of Wave Processes in High-Voltage Transformer

p. 182

Oleksander Kurylyshyn

Modeling and Analysis of Processes in Synchronous Generator with PWM Controlled Excitation System

p. 186

Vasyl Tutka
Mykola Semeniuk

Determination of Cost of Contra-Rotating Wind Turbine with Transformer with Rotating Half

p. 188

Andrii Kovalchuk
Vasyl Khai

Investigation of Ultrasonic Flowmeter Error in Conditions of Distortion of Flow Structure

p. 190

Fedir Matiko
Vitalii Roman

Determining of Volume of Natural Gas Losses Caused by Damages of Distribution Networks

p. 192

Dmytro Klymkovskyi
Fedir Matiko
Dmytro Klymkovskyi
Viktor Dzhyhyrei
Fedir Matiko
Viktor Dzhyhyrei

Control Systems of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine as Port-Controlled Hamiltonian System

p. 194

Yurii Biletskyi

The Operation of Current Transformer with Open Secondary Circuit

p. 196

Roman Ferensovych
Economics and Management

Determinants of knowledge transfer as a context for models of knowledge brokers

p. 224

Adam Janiszewski

Problems and development ways of regulatory-methodological support of socio-economic diagnostics in conditions of European integration

p. 228

Olha Melnyk
Marta Adamiv

Structural Changes and Patterns of Development Economics

p. 230

Liliia Holovko

Social and economic efficiency of the decentralization of power in Ukraine (on the example of the Odessa region)

p. 232

Nataliia Ivanytska
Vitaliy Serhiychuk

IPO of Ukrainian companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE

p. 234

Iryna Kondrat
Oksana Malet

The development of transfer system as one of the areas of management improvement by industrial enterprises

p. 238

Vira Kosovska

“Win-win deal”: prospects and risks for Ukraine

p. 240

Oleksandra Lynnyk

Psychology of relations "teacher-student": expectations and challenges

p. 242

Olga Romanenko
Yuriy Baranyuk

Behavior of Systemically Important Banks on the financial marke

p. 244

Anna Buriak

Organizational learning in complex world

p. 246

Agnieszka Dziubińska

The Role of Strategic Planning Technologies in Terms of European Cooperation Development

p. 250

Nataliia Petryshyn
Dziubina Kateryna

Three-dimensional model representation of investment attraction for company

p. 252

Oleksiy Fedorchak

Income tax on individuals as a tool impact population welfare

p. 254

Valentyna Shkilna
Oksana Khymych

The Role of Educational Projects in Ensuring Youth Competitiveness in the Labor Market

p. 256

Ihor Kulyniak
Olha Koshyk

Problems in the CSR Program Formation and Ways of Their Solution

p. 258

Myroslava Muzhelyak

Ways of Improvement of Tax Administration on Real Estate Distinct from Plot of Land

p. 260

Andriy Pelekhatyy

Evaluation conflicts in the enterprises activities

p. 262

N. Podolchak
G. Kovalchuk

Efficiency of management capacity

p. 264

Lubov Prokopyshyn-Rashkevych
Veronika Karkovska

Domestic labor market’s modern development trends in terms of European integration

p. 266

Iryna Anhelko

The risk of appearance corrupt practices in the management of assets of private pension funds

p. 268

Tetyana Kulinich
Illya Zhayvoronok

Application of Basic Tools of Experimental Economy in Management Science

p. 270

Izabela Joachimiak

Tangible and intangible methods of motivation

p. 272

Vitaliy Kruglov
Darina Kozyakova

The peculiarity of thin border between people’s chronotypes and the level of labour productivity

p. 274

Anastasiia Novikova
Olena Bilyk

The scopes of rational using of road and rail transport while delivering lime bricks in Ukraine

p. 276

Maria Olkhova

Problems and Prospects for Strengthening Technical and Economic Security of Agricultural Enterprises

p. 278

Oksana Perkhach

Estimation of the tax potential as a part of budgetary potential

p. 280

Roman Zhebchuk

Actual trends of projects financing at early stages

p. 282

Anastasia Roman’ko
Alexandra Ivanyuk
Olena Galushko

The Impact of Capital Base on the Financial Stability of the Banking System of Ukraine

p. 284

O. Tkachenko

Financial Market Stabilization as a Component of Economic Security of Ukraine

p. 286

Yuriy Blynda
Roman Tosko

Ecologistics Activities in Terms of Communal Waste in Poland

p. 288

Anetta Zielińska

EU Microintegration: Challenges, Opportunities, Milestones

p. 290

Oleg Duma
Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Transport

The Effect of Vacuumization on the Photoluminescence and Photoresponse Decay of ZnO Nanostructures Grown by Different Methods

p. 294

Viktor Rudyk
Myron Panasiuk
Yuriy Rudyk
Volodymyr Kapustianyk
Mykola Rudko
Andriy Vaskiv
Borys Turko

Thermo-kinetic Properties of the New Materials for Functional Layers of Flat Heating Elements

p. 296

Taras Kovbasyuk
Yuliia Shapran

Optimization of logistics management processes in transport nodes

p. 298

Yana Litvinova

City’s Parameters Influence on Transportation Servicing of Goods

p. 300

Nataliya Fiyalko
Andrii Galkin

Welded Layers Microstructure Modification on the Basis of Powder Wire Cr10B4 with addition of Al, Mg

p. 306

Roman Mykhalskyi
Roman Vlakh
Andriy Voitovych

Energy aspects of arene domain presence in the coal structure under the sorption process

p. 308

Magda Ziółkowska
Grzegorz S. Jodłowski

Numerical solution of parametric optimization of the resonant vibro-impact system with technological limitations

p. 312

Volodymyr Gursky

Combined Mechanical Systems of Anti-Storm Protection of Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines

p. 316

Vitaliy Vergeles
Vitaliy Korendiy

Mobile Robotic Systems with Walking Movers and Mechanisms of Orientation

p. 318

Vitaliy Korendiy
Oleksandr Bushko
Nazar Denderys

Substantiation of Usage Expediency and Analysis of Exploitation Problems of Low-Power Wind Turbines

p. 320

Vitaliy Vergeles
Vitaliy Korendiy

Simulation model of dynamic processes during friction hardening of the flat surfaces

p. 322

Volodymyr Gurey
Petro Dmyterko

Features of Using the Structural Damping in Construction of Cutting Tools

p. 326

Yurii Novitskyi

Structure and properties of diffusion boride layers on steels obtained at applying external magnetic field

p. 328

Michael Krasovsky
Svitlana Chernega
Ihor Poliakov
Catherine Grinenko

Analysis of the traffic`s flow distribution by the types of drivers’ temperament

p. 332

Taras Postranskyy
Anna Sotnikova

Methods of Rolled Copper Wire Properties Improvement

p. 334

Sergiy Shvachko
Eduard Pleshakov
Tetiana Tepla
Zoya Duriagina
Khristyna Dvorianyn
Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Modeling of Ni2+ exchange on the strong acid ion-exchange resin and the organic-inorganic ionite

p. 338

Gennadiyy Afonin
Yuriy Beznosyk
Yuliyia Dzyazko

Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems in Microreactors

p. 340

Yuliyia Miroshnychenko
Yuriy Beznosyk

Analysis of the Process of Obtaining Methyl Esters of Fatty Acids from Waste Vegetable Oils

p. 344

Oleksandr Vasylkevich
Sergiy Bondarenko
Yuriy Beznosyk
Olena Kukushkina

Research of the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic modes of vortex granulator’s operation for obtaining of porous ammonium nitrate

p. 346

Artem Artyukhov
Volodymyr Vedmedera
Oleksandr Kremnyev

Formation of polymer microcapsules with encapsulated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles

p. 350

Roman Melnyk
Vitalii Serdiuk
Tetiana Kovalenko

Investigation the structures ZnS/HgS, HgS/ZnS

p. 352

Ruslana Chaykivska
Martyn Sozanskyi
Ruslana Guminilovych
Pavlo Shapoval
Yosyp Yatchyshyn
Vitaliy Stadnik

Effect of the Reactants Molar Ratio on the Kinetics of Cycloaddition of 2,3-Dimethylbuta-1,3-diene to allylmethacrylate

p. 354

I. Kostiv
G. Marshalok
O. Marshalok

CFD-modeling of gas combustion process in the industrial cyclonecalciner furnace

p. 358

Roman Havryliv
Volodymyr Maystruk
Roman Benko

Influence of surface-active additieves on processes of alkylaromatic catalytic oxidation

p. 360

Volodymyr Reutskyy
Yurii Hrynchuk

Dispersion cooligomerisation of mixture of C9 fraction unsaturated hydrocarbons

p. 362

Oksana Orobchuk
Ulyana Fuch
Roman Subtelnyy
Bohdan Dzinyak

Simultaneous Methyl Methacrylate and Methacrylic Acid Obtaining over Zirconium-containing Catalysts

p. 364

Nazarii Lapychak
Yuliia Nebesna
Roman Nebesnyi
Volodymyr Ivasiv

Characteristics of spray drying process of nanocolloidal silica as a method of production of nanostructural powders potentially applicable in inhalation therapy

p. 366

Katarzyna Jabłczyńska
Michał Wojnarowicz
Tomasz R. Sosnowski

Cultural features of microorganisms

p. 372

Liliya Shevchuk
Iryna Koval

"Green" Technology for Nitric Acid Production: Is it Real?

p. 374

Roman N. Fedotov
Ayodeji A. Ijagbuji

Filling of polymer hydrogels by nanoparticles of the hydroxyapatite

p. 378

Viktor Tokarev
Maksym Chobit
Solomiya Borova

Production of plasticizers from waste alcohol production

p. 380

Maksym Chobit
Taras Khomyn
Yuri Panchenko

Modification of the chalk by plant oils

p. 382

Chobit Maksym,
Wolodymyr Kot
Victor Vasilyev

Single Stage Acrylic Acid Obtaining based on Methanol and Acetic Acid

p. 384

Iryna Shpyrka
Nazariy Lapychak
Anastasiia-Bohdana Shatan
Andriy Lukiyanchuk
Volodymyr Ivasiv
Roman Nebesnyi
Yuliia Nebesna

Sorption Properties of Metal-containing Polymer-Silicate Fillers

p. 386

Andrii Masyuk
Volodymyr Levytskyi

Influence of poly(vinyl chloride) and polymer-silicate fillers on the properties of polyester resin

p. 388

Diana Katruk
Volodymyr Levytskyi

Determination of the catalytic complexes structure in the cyclohexane oxidation

p. 390

Oleksandr Suprun
Viktor Reutskyy
Oleksandr Ivashchuk

Molecular modeling of the isoquinoline and hinaldyne reaction of oxidation by peroxyacids

p. 392

Gаlyna Zastavska
Ivanna Zvir
Yaroslav Kovalskyi
Volodymur Dutka
Natalia Matsyuk
Mariya Matsyuk,

Peculiarities of the oxidative polycondensation of aniline derivatives in solution of polyvinyl alcohol

p. 394

Halyna Stasyshyn
Galyna Zastavska
Mariia Koval
Volodymyr Dutka

Medical waste management in the pandemic disease conditions

p. 396

Anna Rolewicz-Kalińska

Peculiarities of hydrogel – polyamide composition membranes formation

p. 398

Mariia Komyshna
Yuriy Melnyk

Effect of heat treatment on brewer's yeast fermentation activity

p. 400

Liubov Palianytsia
Natalia Berezovska
Tetiana Kharandiuk
Ruslana Kosiv
Law and Psychology

The legal status of malleableand functional signatures in light of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014

p. 404

H. C. Pöhls
S. Fischer-Hübner
F. W. J. van Geelkerken

The problem of training school psychologists at the University

p. 410

Oksana Binas

The problems of gender inequality in the printed media of Ukraine, Poland and Hungary

p. 412

Victoria Demnyk

Role of the parents in shaping readiness to school education among special needs children

p. 414

Iryna Dorosh
Larysa Malynovych

An inclusive preschool education as the basis of inclusion in the system of education

p. 416

Yaroslav Fedan

Unquality advertising in Ukrainian printed media

p. 418

Mariana Kitsa

Effects of abuse and neglect on children intelligence

p. 420

A. Shyroka
I. Kuzo
A. Shyroka
I. Kubay
I. Kuzo
A. Franchuk
I. Kubay
A. Franchuk

The importance of applicants’ personal qualities in selection and training psychologists

p. 422

Zoriana Lipiets

Editorial column as self-promotion for publishers

p. 424

Iryna Mudra

Consideration of the Management Styles for Successful Management of Educational Establishment

p. 426

Maria Myshchyshyn
Alina Izotova2

The Image of Successful Specialist in Technician and Humanist Students

p. 428

Maria Myshchyshyn

The impact of violence during childhood on personality development

p. 430

Anastasia Semenyuk
Karina Bulachek

Ukrainian students’ political decision making after the Revolution of Dignity

p. 432

Roksolana Danyliv
Anastasia Shyroka
Dzvenyslava Kobecka

Psychological aspects of money attitudes

p. 434

Ilona Tymtsiv

Lonely life – a new way to happiness of modern human?!

p. 436

Zoriana Vilchynska
Vira Vilchynska

Self-control as pre-condition of success

p. 438

Nazar Yaroshchuk

New social media and intercultural understanding

p. 442

Olena Astakhova

Towards the abyss: the influence of parents’ alcoholism on the development in adolescence

p. 444

Khrystyna Khomik
Yelyzaveta Honcharenko

Attitude towards psychological knowledge in Ukrainian society

p. 446

Oksana Kuta