"Litteris et Artibus" Proceedings 2018


November 22–24, 2018


The Proceedings contain original papers presenting research results in the areas corresponding to the scope of multidisciplinary International Youth Science Forum “Litteris et Artibus”: computer science and engineering; geodesy, architecture and construction; electric power engineering and control systems; humanities and social sciences; economics and management; mechanical engineering, materials science and transport; chemistry and chemical technology; law and psychology; environmental protection, natural resource management and tourism.


8-th International Youth Science Forum “Litteris et Artibus” // Proceedings. – Lviv, Ukraine: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2018.


ISSN: 2618-0227 (Online) Publisher – Lviv Polytechnic National University






Computer Science & Engineering


Gegenbauer Polynomial Method for Linear Complex Differential Equations

Faruk Düşünceli, Ercan Çelik

Pages 17 - 21


Some new results for Hasimoto surfaces

Alev Kelleci, Mehmet Bektaş

Pages 22 - 25


The cost’s indicators of the homogeneous reactions in the cascade of perfect mixing reactors prediction by mathematic modelling

Svitlana Prymyska

Pages 26 - 30


Singular Soliton to the Hyperbolic Generalization of the Burgers Model

Haci Mehmet Baskonus, Faruk Düşünceli, Hasan Bulut, Alaattin Esen

Pages 31 - 33


Model of Antenna Modified by Regular Wire Media for Control of its Main Characteristics

Mykola Khobzei, Myhailo Apostolyuk, Dmytro Vovchuk

Pages 34 - 35


Geodesy, Architecture & Construction


Research of horizontal movements of the earth's crust in the Archipelago Argentine Islands (Antarctica) during period 2003-2018

Ihor Savchyn, Andrii Romanovskyi, Nazarii Danyliv

Pages 37 - 40


Algorithm of Dnister PSPP base GNSS network optimization

Mychailo Duma

Pages 41 - 46


Biotope Mapping in Wetlands Using High-Resolution Satellite Images

Ahmet Cilek, Suha Berberoglu, Cenk Donmez

Pages 47 - 50


Hemp-Lime Bio-Composites – Review and Analysis of World-Wide Architectural Examples

Michał Gołębiewski

Pages 51 - 54


The Experimental Research of Glass Multilayer Columns with a Central Compression

Mykhailo Surmai, Roman Tkach, Vasylyna Hula, Roman Kozak

Pages 55 - 60


Analysis of trends in the development of hybrid housing: European experience of the 21st century

Olha Khymytsia

Pages 61 - 66


Electric Power Engineering & Control Systems


Methods of Extending the Life Cycle of a ТП-100А Boiler

Stepan Lys, Oksana Yurasova, Nadiya Lashkovska

Pages 68 - 73


Dynamic research of the rope electric drives

Iryna Voloshyna, Volodymyr Moroz

Pages 74 - 79


Improving power plant equipment work by applying alloyed industrial oil

Tetiana Kovalenko, Igor Galyanchuk, Victor Galyanchuk

Pages 80 - 82


Law & Psychology


Towards a practical approach of privacy

F.W.J. van Geelkerken

Pages 84 - 89


Humanities & Social Sciences


Guns of the 16th century from the collection of Lviv historical museum

Mariana Verkhoturova

Pages 90 - 95


Application of machine learning algorithms for the study of Galicia population’s social characteristics in the interwar period (1919-1939)

Taras Ustyianovych, Nataliia Khymytsia

Pages 96 - 101


Economics & Management


The Creative Potential of Ukraine as a Driver of Economic Development

Iryna Lekh, Olena Pasternak

Pages 103 - 106


State support of agriculture in Ukraine: innovation and investment aspects

Volodymyr Halanets, Yurii Dziurakh

Pages 107 - 110


Integration of the Innovative System of Employee Adaptation at the Enterprise in the Context of Modern Challenges

Ihor Kulyniak, Solomiia Cherkis

Pages 111 - 114


Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Transport


Calculation of pipe residual lifetime of the exploited oil and gas pipelines

Ivan Shtoyko, Iryna Dolinska, Yaroslav Khaburskyi, Yurii Kaniuk

Pages 116 - 121


Comparative tests of samples of high-speed tool steel with high-speed steel with DLC coating in terms of abrasion resistance.

Martyna Nowak

Pages 122 - 127


Organization of international carriage of goods by Transport

Vsevolod Prykhodko, Ihor Vikovych

Pages 128 - 134


Chemistry & Chemical Technology


Quantum-mechanical survey of the novel conformational and tautomeric transformations of the classical Watson-Crick А·Т(WC), reverse Watson-Crick А·Т(rWC), Hoogsteen А·Т(Н) and reverse Hoogsteen А·Т(rН) DNA base pairs

Ol’ha Brovarets’, Kostiantyn Tsiupa, Andrii Dinets, Dmytro Hovorun

Pages 136 - 150


Binding Component Selection and Development of Technology for Granulation of Carbon-Containing Mixtures (Graphite)

Maksym Skydanenko, Yuliia Kurdes, Mykola Kononenko, Vitaliy Marenok

Pages 151 - 154


Design of Hydrogenated Isoindolylalkyl(Alkaryl-, Aryl-)Carboxylic Acids with Quinazoline Fragment, that Modify the Carbohydrate Metabolism

Yulia Martynenko, Oleksii Antypenko

Pages 155 - 157


Oxidative Decolorization of Methyl Violet by Fenton Reagent in the Presence of Natural Additives

Liubov Makarova, Svitlana Zhyl’tsova, Iosyp Opeida

Pages 158 - 161


Thin Layer Chromatography for Some Derivatives of 1,4-Naphthoquinone

Ihor Poliuzhyn, Oksana Smirnova, Yosyp Yatchyshyn

Pages 162 - 167


Preparation and Characterization of UV-curable Crosslinked Organic-inorganic Membranes

Mariia Zhyhailo, Oksana Demchyna, Khrystyna Rymsha, Iryna Yevchuk, Viktoriya Kochubey

Pages 168 - 171


Synthesis of SiO2 Nanoparticles with Functional Polymer Shell

Vasyl Vysochyn, Natalia Bukartyk, Oleh Shevchuk

Pages 172 - 175


CdxZn1-xS and CdxHg1-xSe Thin Films Solid Solutions

Martyn Sozanskyi, Vitalii Stadnik, Ruslana Guminilovych, Pavlo Shapoval, Marta Laruk, Yosyp Yatchyshyn

Pages 176 - 179


Biotechnology, Ecology & Sustainable Development


An Integrated Assessment of Eco-hydrological Processes of A Mountainous Catchment using Geospatial Modelling and Remote Sensing

Cenk Donmez, Suha Berberoglu, Ahmet Cilek

Pages 181 - 186


Microclonal Propagation Of Centries Old Oaks of Holosiev Forest

Svitlana Bilous, Oksana Chornobrov, Olga Oliinyk, Anastasia Kosenko

Pages 187 - 189


Thermodynamic studies on the adsorption behavior of ammonium on zeolite

Vira Sabadash, Jaroslaw Gumnitsky, Taras Hertsyk

Pages 190 - 193