mathematical model

Analysis of process parameters of wastewater treatment of edible oils production

Investigated the liquid extraction method for possibility to sewage treatment of oils production plants. The mixture of organic solvent (extractant) for selective removal of the main pollutants of wastewater was selected. The resulting equilibrium line and operating line process was obtained. Established transfer steps number. The mathematical model of liquid-extraction wastewater treatment was built. The solution of model allows to predict the kinetics of wastewater extraction for implementing the technology in practice.

The Peer Land Exchange in Land Readjustment Models

The research is aimed at substantiation of land readjustment optimization models based on the equivalence of land plots to be exchanged. European experience of land readjustment has been considered. The formation of the notion of equivalency in the readjustment optimization models has been scrutinized. Factors influencing the land plots equivalency have been singled out. Land reallocation modelling with the formation of demands to the equivalence of the reallocated land plots by qualitative and spatial and technological characteristics has been suggested.

Development of Mathematical Model of Controlled Plant Using the Obtained Experimental Data

The results of the experimental study of the dynamical and static properties of an electric oven as a controlled plant are presented in the paper. Up-to-date microprocessor instruments were applied during the experiments. Mathematical model of the electric oven was developed on the basis of the experimental data. The adequacy of the model was verified.

The Automation of Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Based on the mathematical model of the process of biological treatment, the system of automatic process control engineering aerobic wastewater treatment was developed. It provides the permissible concentration of impurities at the outlet of the filter. The results of computer simulation to calculate the duration of oxygen, accumulation and allocation solid substrate were presented