energy efficiency

Renewable Energy Sources in Hot Water Supply System

Possibility of renewable energy sources use in heat water supply system has been studied. Potential renewable energy sources to be effectively used in Lviv climatic zone have been analysed, and their main advantages and disadvantages have been shown. Efficiency of use of vacuum solar collectors and “air-water”-type heat pump in hot water supply system has been ascertained based on the analysis of performance of the facility operating at Lviv Polytechnic National University. 

The Features of Fruits Drying in the Production of Natural Chips

The objective of research was determination of the optimum heat treatment conditions before drying fruits and stage-wise dehydration modes. The optimal stage-wise regimes of apples drying in the production of fruit chips are presented in the article. The drying curves apples and organoleptic properties apple chips are analyzed. The obtained results were used in the development of energy-efficient technology for the production of fruit chips using the convection drying method, and the technical conditions were developed and approved.

Smart lighting for corridors of an educational institution building

In summer 2017 the law of Ukraine «On Energy Efficiency of Buildings» came into force. The law demands obligatory certification of energy efficiency of state-owned buildings. Therefore it is necessary to increase energy efficiency that includes the implementation of a number of organizational and technical measures. The main organizational measure is the introduction of a system of energy management in an educational institution. Technical measures mean the introduction of modern energy-use technologies, in particular, smart technologies.