Supercritical CO2 extraction as green and waste-free technology – applications and perspectives

Green chemistry
3rd International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering»: Proceedings – June 21–24th, 2021, Lviv, Ukraine – Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2021, pp. 174–175


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Katarzyna Tyśkiewicz Ph.D. katarzyna.tyskiewicz [at] Łukasiewicz Research Network - New Chemical Syntheses Institute
Puławy, Poland
Marcin Konkol Ph.D. marcin.konkol [at] Łukasiewicz Research Network - New Chemical Syntheses Institute
Puławy, Poland
Agnieszka Dębczak Ph.D. agnieszka.debczak [at] Łukasiewicz Research Network - New Chemical Syntheses Institute
Puławy, Poland

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Supercritical CO2 extraction has attracted growing interest due to its unique properties such as high diffusivity, low surface tension, and ease of solvent removal at the end of the process. In addition, scCO2 is the most environmentally acceptable solvent possessing many advantages compared with the conventional aqueous and solvent-based processing

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