Application of UV, H2O2 , H2O2/UV, Fe(II)/H2O2 and Fe(II)/H2O2/UV process for oxidation of organic compounds in printed circuit boards wastewater

Ecology and sustainable development. Environmental protection
Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering»: June 24–28, 2019, Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2018, pp. 330–331


First and Last Name Academic degree E-mail Affiliation
Maciej Thomas Ph.D. biuro [at] Chemiqua Company
Cracow, Poland
Krzysztof Barbusinski Ph.D. krzysztof.barbusinski [at] Silesian University of Technology
Gliwice, Poland
Barbara Bialecka Ph.D. bbialecka [at] Central Mining Institute
Katowice, Poland

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The paper deals with possible use of acidification and UV, H2O2 , H2O2/UV, Fe(II)/H2O2 and Fe(II)/H2O2/UV (Fenton and Photo-Fenton) process for purifying contaminated printed circuit boards wastewater (pH=10.5, Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD=5 980 mg O2/L, Total Organic Carbon, TOC=2 100 mg/L). Application of acidification and Photo-Fenton process was allowed to decrease COD (98.5%) and TOC (98.1%) in treated wastewater.


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