Preservation of Ancient and Old Value Trees of Ukraine with Using Biotechnology Methods

The practical significance of the work is to search new ways and methods of preservation ancient trees of Ukraine. Due to the natural aging condition this centuries-old trees are characterized by high risk of extinction as a result of biotic, abiotic and anthropogenic factors. Using of biotechnological methods, such as micropropagation can solve the problem of maintaining the unique gene pool of woody plants, study their ecosystem role and development of ornamental horticulture.

The New Way of Wasted Oils Regeneration

It has been established the possibility of waste mineral engine oil regeneration with thermooxidative method. The influence of temperature, pressure and process duration on the basis of regenerated engine oil has been explored. It has been suggested the using of thermooxidative oil regeneration with absorption and hydrogenation methods. Key words: thermooxidative, regeneration, waste oil, mineral engine oil, influence of pressure.