heavy metals

Adsorption of Cu2 + and Cr3 + cations by modified sorbents

The present article substantiates the theoretical bases of adsorption of heavy metals on modified adsorbents. The aim of this work was to study the simultaneous adsorption of copper and chromium cations on the surface and in the zeolite volume under static conditions. The regularity of the change in the amount of absorbed copper and chromium cations by a zeolite in the initial solution was established. It was settled the chromium ions were better adsorbed on zeolite modified by phosphoric acid.

Environmental Impact of Mining and Chemical Industry

The work is devoted to problems of environmental impact in mining and chemical industry. The purpose of the work is to evaluate the impact of mining activities on the environment. It is shown that mining activities have resulted in land degradation leading to limited land available for local population, the accumulation of large-tonnage wastes, the presence of contaminants in soil and water, distortion of terrain, activity of various geophysical processes

Environmental Problems of Soils during the Liquidation Rozdil State Mining and Chemical Enterprise «Sirka»

At this work  is determined  heavy metals composition in soils of Rozdil State Mining and Chemical Enterprise Sirka, which is included in a list of the top 100 companies for causing environmental pollution in Ukraine. It has not been working since 2001, since 2006 it has been subordinating the State Property Fund, it has been passed readjustment.