Public Policy and Biofuels: Energy, Environment and Food Trilemma

Current policies in energy sector address issues including renewable energy supplies and encourage more efficient energy use. As expected biofuels can reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels, strengthen political and economic security, revitalize the economy by increasing demand for agricultural products. At the same time biofuels production can threaten food safety by making influence on price and demand for agricultural commodities. The article examines the influence of public policy in the sphere of biofuel on energy, environment and food security.

Measuring the Awareness Level of Local Tourists in Their Tourism and Environment Relations: A Research in Tarsus

The purpose of the research is to determine the differences in the level of awareness on the tourism and environmental relations of local tourists traveling to Tarsus from different regions of Turkey and to determine whether these differences differ according to the demographic characteristics of the tourists participating in the research (gender, age, education, living city etc.)The sample of the research is composed of 110 local tourists visiting different touristic destinations of Tarsus town.The survey method was used to reach the data.The questionnaire, consisting of 21 questions, was

The characteristic’s impact on environment of laminated product’s plants

We developed an ecological estimation of the influence of production on the environment. The methods of cleaning of the polluted gaseous environment were analyzed as well as the technological 4-stage plan of cleaning the flue gas from the coal ashes and SO2 was proposed