Topics of Conference include, but are not limited to:

Engineering Surveying & Deformation Monitoring
Geodetic measuring technique and instruments. Methods and technologies in geodesy and deformation monitoring. Software, databases and applications for engineering surveying. Laser scanning and advance technologies.

GNSS & Satellite Geodesy
Precise satellite positioning. Space technology and engineering. GNSS data collection, processing and analysis. GNSS geodetic products. Radar and laser technologies. Space weather. Reference coordinate systems.

Earth Surface Processes & Geodynamics
Geodynamic processes. Geophysics and micro-geophysics for engineering. Geomechanics. Geomagnetism and gravimetry. Earthquake engineering and seismology. Seismic vulnerability and risk assessment. Geodetical research of geodynamical and landslide processes.

3d Modelling & Visualization for Geology & Mining
Virtual models, 3D and geo-visualization in geology and mining. Modelling in engineering geology and geotechnics. Geology of mineral resources. Structural geology and tectonics. Sedimentology, palaeontology and stratigraphy. Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry.

Engineering Geology, Petroleum & Mineral Exploration
Engineering Geology methods. Modern techniques and technologies in open-pit and underground mining deposits. Petroleum geology. Underground gas storing and reservoir modelling.

Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Monitoring
Remote sensing and GIS solutions for disaster monitoring, mitigation and assessment. Multi-dimensional spatial data modelling and data quality. Specialized GIS and applications regarding water, air quality, biodiversity, mineral resources, soil and land use. Web-based geospatial data and GIS services.

Land Cover Mapping & UAV
UAV based land cover mapping. Modern applications and opportunities for UAV. Airborne photogrammetry, LiDAR and close-range applications. Digital cartography. Theoretical cartography, map projections, map design and production.