Modeling of the Saturation Reactor in the Production of Pumpkin Candied Fruits

The innovative and nanotechnologies in the chemical and food industries
Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering»: June 24–28, 2019, Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2018, pp. 202–204


First and Last Name Academic degree E-mail Affiliation
Iryna Huzova Ph.D. iryna.o.huzova [at] Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv, Ukraine
Volodymyr Atamanyuk Ph.D. atamanyuk [at] Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv, Ukraine

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With the help of the universal simulation program ChemСad, an isothermal saturation reactor for sugar pumpkin particles was modeled, which operates under the constant concentration of sucrose in syrup and simultaneously increases the concentration of sucrose in candied fruits. Concentration of sucrose and the level of liquid in the reactor is not changed.


[1] I. Huzova, V. Atamanyuk, “Modelyuvannya izotermichnoho reaktora dlya nasychennya sakharozoyu tsukativ z harbuzy,” Naukovi pratsi, vol. 82, no. 1, 2018.

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