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Geographer, Ph.D. in Geography (Geographical aspects of optimizing the functioning of reserves) (on the example of the Roztochia Nature Reserve and the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve), 1997), Associate Professor (2002). The Faculty of Geography of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv graduate (1990), postgraduate studies (1995), internships at the universities of Giessen, Leipzig, and Dresden (Germany), Krakow (Poland). In 1990-91 an engineer of the Department of Geomorphology, 1991-92 a junior researcher, 1995-99 an employee of the laboratory of engineering and geomorphological research, 1997-2000 an assistant of Department of Geomorphology, since 2000 Assoc. Prof. of the Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography, and a head of interdepartmental lab. of engineering-geographical, environmental and tourist research of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
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Earth & Environmental sciences
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Earth & Environmental sciences, Geosciences

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