Molecular dynamics simulation of Ion Beam Etching as technology process for creating graphene-based membranes

Computer simulation in the chemical technology and engineering
Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific Conference «Chemical Technology and Engineering»: June 24–28, 2019, Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2018, pp. 60–62


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Łukasz Radosiński Ph.D. lukasz.radosinski [at] Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Wrocław, Poland
Roman Havryliv Ph.D. havrilivroman [at] Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv, Ukraine
Piotr Żemojtel No czekodzemi [at] Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Wrocław, Poland

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Carbon nanomaterials present new possibilities for creating permeable membranes. Ionic beam etching technology allows to create pores in graphene substrates and has the potential to be used in various separation processes. In our study we present a molecular dynamics simulation of the energy needed to puncture the graphene surface to create porous surface. Experimental part shows dependency of irradiation time to pore diameter on silica substrate, which indicates it is possible to create pore diameters lesser than the beam diameter. We present a technology process of creating pores of a specific diameter.


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