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Maryna Ishchenko Ph.D. marina [at] mao.kiev.ua Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Oleg Khoda Ph.D. oleg [at] mao.kiev.ua oleg@mao.kiev.ua
oleg@mao.kiev.ua, Ukraine

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The Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine started its GNSS activity in early 1990s taking part in some international epoch campaigns. In December 1997 MAO installed the first Ukrainian permanent GNSS station in Kiev (GLSV). Today the Observatory's network consists of five permanent stations located in different parts of Ukraine and included in IGS network, EPN, EPOS network. MAO maintains its Operational Centre, Local GNSS Data Centre, Local GNSS Analysis Centre.

As result of MAO second reprocessing campaign and regular processing of all available observations data from the Ukrainian stations, the coordinates in the IGb08 reference frame and tropospheric zenith delays were received. The velocities for 128 stations that had observation periods more than three years were estimated.

The obtained results made possible to calculate strain ellipses and rotation for Earth's surface and to conduct geodynamic studies at the local level.

The Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine takes part in two international GNSS projects – EPN Densification and CEGRN.


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