Comparative analysis of crustal strain deformation obtained from GNSS data with geological measures

Earth Surface Processes & Geodynamics


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Maryna Ishchenko Ph.D. marina [at] Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
National Aviation University
Kiev, Ukraine
Mykhailo Orlyuk Sc.D. orlyuk [at] Institute of Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Yuri Velikodsky Ph.D. yuri.velikodsky [at] National Aviation University
Kiev, Ukraine

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The creation and development of local GNSS networks, as well as the long-term filling of databases with high-precision coordinate solutions and estimates of the displacement velocities of GNSS stations, made possible to conduct geodynamic studies at the local level. Based on homogenous time series of GNSS stations in the IGb08 reference frame for the period from 1997, December 7 to 2017, January 28 acquired at the GNSS Data Analysis Centre of the MAO NASU were used to obtain crustal strain deformations on the territory of Ukraine. The main parameters of the Earth's surface deformation are the strain ellipses and rotation. The axis of the ellipse is the deformation parameter characterizing the manifestation of compression and/or extension of the Earth's surface. The rotation parameter demonstrates the translational-rotational movements of individual geoblocks that can be caused by their reaction (response) to the uneven rotation of the Earth. On the basis of the lineament zones, areas with dominant deformation processes were identified. The results with the heterogeneity to the Moho surface and longitudinal seismic wave velocities were compared.


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