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Yuliya Danchenko Date of birth: 9 July 1973 Phone: +38 (066) 322 47 45; +38 (057) 372 15 57 Higher education: V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Faculty of Chemistry, Research and Production Department Specialty: chemist Scientific degree: PhD Specialty: technology of polymer composite materials Academic title: Associate Professor Workplace: Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture Position: Head of the Department of General Chemistry Work experience: experience of scientific and pedagogical activity at posts of post-graduate student, assistant, senior researcher, assistant professor, head of the department of general chemistry - 22 years. Educational work: author's courses of lectures for students and graduate students on the disciplines: "Chemistry", "Chemistry in Restoration", "Chemistry of Atmosphere", "Chemistry of Natural Gases", "Chemical Principles of Environmental Technologies", "Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis" and etc. 14 educational and teaching aids have been published. Guarantor of the curriculum for the preparation of bachelors and specialty "Chemical technology and engineering". Scientific work: at the present time within the framework of doctoral studies the scientific work on the topic "Physical-chemical foundations of the creation of multifunctional composite epoxy-polymeric building materials" is completed for obtaining a scientific degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty "construction materials and products". The total number of published scientific articles, parts of collective monographs - 130. h-index Scopus Preview – 4, Google Scholar – 5. 6 patents for inventions and author's certificates of Ukraine were received. Directing the scientific work of the graduate student on the topic "Development of building materials based on secondary polyolefin and organic waste". Since 2018, the reviewer of scientific articles of the journal "Polymer Materials and Technologies" (Belarus), “American Journal of Polymer Science and Technology (AGPST)” (USA), “Problems of Emergency Situations” (Ukraine). Awards for scientific and educational activities: gratitude and letters of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, the governor of the Kharkov region, the Kharkov regional council, the measure of Kharkov.
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Materials science
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Polymer Science, chemical technology, Building and Restoration Composite Materials

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