Paper Formatting Requirements

Submitted papers should be laid out in compliance with template available from the conference website. Papers volume should conform to limit outlined in the template. File type – *.doc (MS Word 97-2003).

All figures must be stored separately in *.tiff or *.jpg format with the minimum resolution of 300 dpi and uploaded in the application's appropriate field.

References formatting – APA style

Proper references formatting is essential for conference papers inclusion in the bibliographic databases such as Scopus and Web of Science. References should be in latin characters only and laid out according to the APA format requirements. Please find sufficient information on the APA style here:

There are many other guides and manuals on the APA style available online.

Please note that all titles in Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and other languages using non-Latin characters should be transliterated into Latin characters:

  • names of authors – translateration;
  • titles of papers, books and websites – transliteration with adding English translation in square backets (e.g. Neorganichnya khimiia [Inorganic chemistry]);
  • titles of journals and other periodicals – transliteration;
  • conference titles – transliteration with adding English translation in square brackets (e.g. Trudy 6 Mezhdunarodnogo Simpoziuma “Novye resursosberegayushchie tekhnologii nedropol'zovaniya i povysheniya neftegazootdachi” [Proc. 6th Int. Symp. “New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of the oil and gas impact”]);
  • publishers titles – transliteration.

Here are some examples of such citations:

  • BOOK: Najm, Y. (1966). Al-qissah fi al-adab Al-Arabi al-hadith [The novel in modern Arabic literature]. Beirut: Dar Al-Thaqafah.
  • JOURNAL PAPER: Hua, L.F. (1999). Qingdai yilai Sanxia diqu shuihan zaihai de chubu yanjiu [A preliminary study of floods and droughts in the Three Gorges region since the Qing dynasty]. Zhongguo shehui kexue, 1, 168–79.
  • CONFERENCE PAPER: Du, W. (2007). Dunhuang yishu yongzhi gaikuang ji qianxi [An analysis and description of the use of paper in Duanhuang manuscripts]. In Lin S. & A. Morrison (Eds.), Rongshe yu chuangxin: guoji Dunhuang xiangmu diliuci huiyi lunwenji  [Tradition and innovation: Proceedings of the 6th International Dunhuang Project conservation conference] (pp. 67–84). Beijing: Beijing tushuguan chubanshe.

Information on Ukrainian text transliteration:

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