grinded sunflower stalks

Diffusive Transfer During Filtration Drying of Sunflower Stalks

Filtration method for drying rough-stalked agricultural wastes that can reduce power inputs of solid biofuel production has been studied. Diffusive mass transfer has been studied during drying of grinded sunflower stalks to produce fuel briquettes. The temperature effect on effective diffusion coefficient has been examined.

The heat transfer during the filtration drying of the grinded sunflower stems

The stems of sunflowers can be successfully used as a raw material for solid fuel production due to their ingredients: сellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. The high concentration of above-mentioned compounds defines high calorific power of biofuel (about 20.6 MJ/kg) made from plant raw material. The fate of the costs of drying in the cost of manufacture of solid biofuels from grinded sunflower stems are large, which increases the cost of the finished product.