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In 2007 Husarova Olena graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and obtained a master's degree in mechanical engineering. Since August 2010 he has been working at the ITTF of the NAS of Ukraine. In 2020 she defended her PhD thesis. During the work Husarova Olena studied the heat of evaporation of water from apple and orange juices, fresh and heat-treated apples on the evaporation microcalorimeter; experimental and theoretical studies of the kinetics of the drying process of colloidal capillary-porous materials of plant origin; development of energy-efficient heat technology for obtaining chips from fruits and vegetables. Husarova Olena took part in the implementation of targeted comprehensive programs, agreements on scientific and technical cooperation and economic contract issues. She is the author of more than 95 published works. Co-author of 5 collective monographs, has 8 patents, 1 ТУ of Ukraine and more than 20 articles in professional and scientometric publications.
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drying, heat transfer, heat technology, energy efficiency, chemical engineering


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