Development of the Forming Technology of Combined Membranes Based on Hydrogel and Polycaproamide

The technology of forming of composite polymer membranes by modifying the surface of hydrogels thru thin layer of polymer has been developed. The physical, mechanical properties and surface adsorption of composite membranes are determined. It was established that via variation of composite structures of hydrogel and modifying layers of composite membranes can be directed regulating of their physical and mechanical properties and surface adsorption of the obtained composite membranes

Peculiarities of hydrogel – polyamide composition membranes formation

Quality composition of the subphase for modification of hydrogel membranes by ultra thin polyamide layer is selected. It was designed the laboratory appliance which allows applying the surface layer of polyamide by direct contact of the hydrogel film with a thin layer of modifying solution. The compositional film membranes based on hydroxyethyl methacrylate cross-linking copolymers with polyvinylpyrrolidone and aliphatic polyamide are obtained